We provide fully managed IT Services, remote IT support & consulting services which meet your business and budget .

If you outsource your IT services, you get access to the exact same skills and expertise each and every day, without worrying about employee turnover or its associated costs.


ANI had humble beginnings by providing customized technological solutions in small and medium businesses.
We have guided our clients through the growth of the Internet and helped them take advantage of the opportunities available.

Our primary strength is to partner the client organization to optimize resources & implement the improvement strategies successfully. An assignment begins with an accurate assessment of people, processes, performance and strategies. Our staff works with you to provide the best solutions within your parameters.



Web based software development

We provide customized & flexible technology, Our business software helps our clients to operate their business more efficiently. 
Major benefit to web based software is that all your data is centralized and available over the web from any device at any time and anywhere safe, secure & password protected.

Let's have a look into products given below;


IT infrastructure manaement

- We provide IT-enabled services & operations. This includes software, hardware, network services, and resources.
- Improve reliability, security and manageability with a fully managed servers, storage, networking and software solution. Our IT solutions includes all of the following;
• Data Backup Strategies
• Help Desk
• System Administration
• Workplace Transformation Services


Domains and web hosting

From enterprises to the individual who needs complete functionality on a small budget,We at AIS offers the complete solutions and afforedability you need to run a website. 
Hosting includes;
- Windows VPS
- Cloud VPS
- Smart Servers
- Bare Metal Servers
- Shared Hosting


IT consultancy & support

AIS offer dynamic IT services & support and are committed to providing best IT solutions & services to small & medium size businesses. In short, we help small companies align their IT services with their business requirements.
Outsourcing your IT support lets you add skills and competencies, without hiring employees. You only pay for what you need, You can change things up without having to worry about having to hire or fire new staff.

Our Products

“The satisfaction of our customer is the highest level of our
service and our relationship does not stop by providing products.
We provide innovative solutions at affordable cost.”

Corporate SMS/Robot Call

Many organizations are using this service to keep in touch with their customers, suppliers, coleagues...
Shouldn't you be doing the same too?

Customer Relationship Management

Provide right information for right person at right time. In terms of most effective  sales, customer services and marketing practices.

Freight / Logistic management

This way, you can get to focus your time and energy on other aspects of running your freight or Logistics Company, which can help improve business.

Complaint Management System

With CMS, you’ll be able to know that issues/problems are handled the way you want them to be and you can monitor what's going on at all times.

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Web based software development
Customer Relationship Management
Freight / Logistic management
Complaint Management System

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  • We provide IT infrastructure services which include computers, servers, networking, data, storage, on/offsite facilities as well as software, processes, policies, staffing, training, security, and cloud-based services that make up your IT infrastructure.
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